Getting your resume noticed by hiring managers can be difficult considering the many resumes they have to go through, to narrow down the application pool. With a lot of people seeking employment, the need to edge over other candidates is higher than ever. Since there is not enough time to give undivided attention to each candidate who applies for the job, you need to help your situation. If you want to put your resume in front of the line, here are several ways to achieve it.

Utilize the specific keywords from the job advert

Studies demonstrate that a hiring manager can only spend about six seconds going through your resume. The six seconds are not enough for them to evaluate your application in depth. Thus, you need to utilize keywords that stand out. Every job posting contains keywords that explain the position advertised. Using them makes your resume stands out as one, which meets all the requirements of the job, making a hiring manager take time to go through your resume.

Keep it simple

One would think that a vibrant resume is the way to go but surprisingly, according to executive CV writing service, boring works best. A resume is not a time to show off your command of complex English words, but a time to sell yourself to an employer. The best means of realizing this is by utilizing a simple format for your resume. It makes your work clear and straightforward for any hiring manager to read.

Use a basic font

A basic font may not make your resume look fancy or glamorous, but it sure will make it readable by the employer. Readability of the information contained in your resume is more important than having a resume that appears beautiful due to the use of fancy writing fonts. Make the work of hiring managers of reading and shortlisting you easily by switching your resume font to Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri, among others to make your work clear and legible.

Use bullets to present your information

When drafting your resume, less information is better as opposed to more. A resume should be one page; thus, you need a way to present your information neatly and conclusively while informing an employer what you are capable of and the skills you are bringing to the table. Use of bullets is an excellent way of presenting such information. Each bullet contains a brief explanation of a role that you have played. Through their use, your resume appears smart and organized, making a hiring manager go through it effortlessly.

Ensure you meet the qualifications

Your resume does not need to attain perfection nor does it need to do everything a resume should do, but it needs to grab the attention of the hiring manager by presenting your achievements, skills, and responsibilities that portray you are indeed the right candidate. The qualifications for each job are always at the bottom of a job advert. Perusing them and structuring your resume so that it capitalizes on these requirements will have the hiring manager attracted to it and going through it at a slower pace as compared to other resumes.

If you have been struggling to get a job, you are probably failing at attracting the attention of potential employers due to your resume. Use these tips to correct it, and you are sure of having your resume noticed and getting an interview.